The iNaturally Center

iNatrually is a sister company for The NeuroMedical Institute focusing on regenerative medicine, wellness and aesthetics.  The center has several departments.  A nutrition and weight management department, utilizing a unique “Reshape Drops” with patented formulation to effectively, safely and quickly shed the weight off.  Within that department several nutritional supplements and formulas are offered. The reshape department take shedding fat to the next level with the “Zerona”, ‘Freez” and “IPL” equipment focusing on reshaping the body by non-surgically melting fat and tighten skin after weight loss.  This department uses non-surgical aesthetics with the use of PRP, platelet lysates, Botox, hair and scar removal and treating many other skin problems.  The department also offers facial treatments from internationally experienced team.  Our massage department offers a wide range of techniques in massage therapy from experienced and well trained therapists.
Awaken the beauty within